Crestwood Lake 2 Satan's Revenge

Mark Vogel's latest novel, the sequel to Crestwood Lake


          Satan is back and out for blood. Crestwood Lake is a small, secluded town in the woods of northern Vermont—and an epicenter of evil. Colonized in 1693, in the aftermath of the Salem Witch Trials, Crestwood Lake has been battling the dark forces since its inception. Lucifer intends to reclaim the tortured community and establish a hell on Earth. With a renewed coven of ruthless witches and demons, he is prepared to unleash his vengeance.

          Opposing Lucifer once again, is police chief Butch Morgan, this time assisted by a secret society of demonologists, and mysterious supernatural forces. In a saga spanning four centuries and two continents, the balance of power between heaven and hell will be decided in Crestwood Lake.

 "Denville author pens second horror novel ." The Citizen, 8-1-18 

Crestwood Lake

Mark Vogel's first novel

          Crestwood Lake is a small, secluded town in the woods of northern Vermont. Mysterious events and strange deaths have always plagued the community—as have rumors of witchcraft. But lately, there has been a rash of suicides and grisly murders.    Captain Butch Morgan, the chief of police, must uncover the truth about Crestwood Lake. With each gruesome discovery, he is thrust deeper into the macabre.  Morgan must confront an ancient evil, a fateful showdown that could destroy his life, the woman he loves, and the tortured town of Crestwood Lake.


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The Ripper's Time

Mark Vogel's second novel

          History professor Henry Willows is in love—in love with Catherine Eddowes, the fourth victim of Jack the Ripper. Although over a century distant, Henry's obsession knows no bounds. With the aid of an ingenious physicist, Henry achieves his raison d'etre: a means to travel back in time, stop the world's most infamous serial killer, and save the woman he loves. But the fabric of time isn't easy to change . . . and the Ripper has plans of his own.



          Jack the Ripper is one of the most infamous serial murder cases in the world. Set in the horrendous slums of eastern London in 1888, five women, possibly more, were viciously slayed. Strangled, slashed, and often disemboweled, the heinous crimes rocked London to its core. The unknown assailant, like a phantom in the night, committed his grisly tasks and vanished without ever being caught. 

          The identity of Jack the Ripper is by far the most beguiling aspect of the murders. But within this mystery are countless other mysteries. Was he a doctor? Why did he keep some of the victim’s organs? Are the famous Ripper letters authentic or a hoax? How was he able to commit the murders without being caught? Did he have an accomplice? Why did he stop killing?

          The entire story will be discussed via a PowerPoint presentation, with then and now photos, by Dr. Mark R. Vogel, a clinical psychologist who has studied the case, reviewed original police files, and visited the murder sites himself.



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