Chateau Latour


Chateau Latour is a first growth Bordeaux estate at the southern end of the Pauillac appellation adjacent to the Gironde River.   The vineyard's tower and eternal symbol, La Tour de Saint-Lambert, was built in the 1620's on the site of a previous tower erected to guard against the English during the Hundred Years War. 

Many consider Latour to be Bordeaux's finest wine.  This is certainly due to its quality but also the vineyard's penchant for producing consistently superlative wine, even during off years.  Latour lies on 195 acres of one of the best terroirs in the region, a factor which mitigates unfavorable weather fluctuations.

Chateau Latour is produced from 88% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Merlot, and 1%Petite Verdot.  Latour is one of the most concentrated, rich and tannic wines in the world.  Thus, it must absolutely be aged to be appreciated: ten years at the absolute minimum, although longer would be recommended.   A wine of such richness is best suited for equally hearty fare:  red meats, wild game, roasts, and decadent cheeses.


The 1986 Chateau Latour


In the vineyard.


From the entrance, with the Gironde River in the background.